Monday, February 20, 2012

What's new ?

Morning guys,

Been wondering where I've been for the last few months ? Well nothing great I must say. Some bad some good too.

Writing this again just in case for some of you still do drop by here but we hardly keep in touch anymore in reality. What happen ? You too busy ? or just me ? If you do read this, do drop me a message! I feel that we should live the fullest since we can't predict what's gonna happen next. Is it gonna come to an end ? 2012 ? We shall see.

What makes me writing this again well was just reading the daily news and I find that people and life changes everyday. Just that it depends whether we realize it or not. Be it personally or friends.

I must say I changed for the better or worst ? Well I really can't tell. I do hope for better for some reasons. I can't see myself being all mean and change to a person I don't want to be. Times like this you really appreciate for those close/true friends to remind you and change for the better.

What make me changed? Well I guess it is what's been happening lately. Be it work, studies, friends, and life realization. Hah! don't laugh please. Work made me changed to a really grumpy and whinny person. I thank to that certain someone whom always hear out my whinny moments and be there for me and tell me that "don't worry, it gets better" .

Studies? Not great at all. Disappointed with myself actually. Am I pushing myself too much ? Am I having too much expectation ? or.....I over-estimated myself...

Friends are great. Having a lil Whatsapp group chat on a daily dose helps a lot actually. Reminds you that you have them supporting you for whatever it is. *sobssobs* Love you girls a lot. They have been asking why am I not on the look out for someone or am I still thinking of him or haven't get over him ? I don't know if I'm ready for all this or will I ever know I'm ready ? I know you girls will be saying " you don't try, you would never know" . Frankly when it comes to this, I'm lost. I find that relationships are full of surprises be it in a good and bad way. This is scary.

One saying that how much he wants to be with me when this can't be true since he in real is really close with another girl and doesn't make an effort at all. Do I look like I will have flings ? Apparently he think so.

One telling me we are good friends and prefer to stay that way but the things he did gets me confuse all the time.

No I don't like all this confusion. Work time.

Will be back when I feel like it.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

is been almost 8 months...

my close friend once told me,

"maddy, i think you are turning into workaholic"

well, maybe i am.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

For the first time ..

...ever that I left office at 3am and came back to work at 6am.

I thought being in Advisory line, the hours won't be that bad but I guess I was wrong. To be frank this doesn't happen all the time, I notice that for those experiencing this kind of timing are the ones concurrently running few jobs at the same time, and rushing for proposals and draft reports. Currently what kept me away from my bed is the proposal.

Doing research and preparing the proposal is interesting. At the same time, being perfectionist me, will be taking more time to make sure everything looks good.

I can't wait till tomorrow night where my study leave begins and is gonna be 100% focus on my studies. Thanks for Xin for bugging me to study. Last weekend's progress is great. I managed to cover more than I expected. Love you for that, Xin.

Ok back to work. Deadline at 10am.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Quick update - FAQ



Yeah, falling sick. =(

Ok let me answer some FAQ .

"how's work ? " - work has been okay. slowly fitting in. (besties know a little bit mroe than this)

" met anyone ? " - well, i meet new colleagues. most of them are great. (some just....)

"how's studies ? " - studies been ok only. quite bad progress to be frank. I believe things will work out. Study smart is what all working student need. Maybe I'm better off working under pressure. hopefully history repeats! let's hope Aug 2011 result will be even better than Aug 2010 ! May August be an awesome month and I will give myself an awesome present in Oct.

Exam on June 10th ! Bye.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Complex world.

Good Morning friends!

Lots of people asked me to update my blog about my current status in my job! Ok a short one before I head to client's place.

Is 7.40am now and I'm typing this in office. Lol. I will share with you guys further why I leave early in my next post after I settle with my current job.

The new people I met on the very first day during orientation was fun. My new batch mates. HAha. Somehow we randomly mix around, and we are all in Advisory as well. Go Advisory! Somehow I think Advisory sounds more pro *vain*. Well, I think this is a tough starting point where it has such a steep learning curve for me. I got to know around with my colleagues in my department, about 80% of them have other working experience before they join in this department. I guess I should say I'm lucky enough to be selected into this department.

One of my close ACCA friend is in the same department as me and wow she is a star performer! The moment I first step into the department, everyone was very welcoming and...

" ahh finally we get to meet you! You are Michelle's friend right ?! "


"oh yeah. I'm the new girl. Michelle's friend"

Even the partners have the same saying. Die la. My first job also being thrown into a tough special assignment job. The senior managers must be thinking I'm probably as good as Michelle. They are so wrong. Ok wait, I think I should be positive about this. I will prove them right !

About my current first job....there is another story about it which I don't think I can share with you all openly. I'm just gonna say.. working world is complex.

It is time for me to really buck up and stop being so naive. But then, I was just thinking if we stop being naive at some point, everyone will just be ...fake.

I'm naive that they are friendly and nice people around and I yet to meet which unfortunately I was quite wrong about that. People are so fake and competitive. I wonder what kind of person will I turn into.

My dear friends, if you think I change a lil ..please tell me.. I don't want to be the mean person. Well, I do think I'm a tougher person now.

Will update again. I shall find Jox for breakfast. =)

Friday, April 01, 2011

Next up.

It seems like close friends around having a tough time looking for jobs in overseas. Some are frustrated. Some slowly accepting the fact that maybe Malaysia is the place to be . One side of me, I feel sad to see them feeling lost and frustrating, and another evil side of me yay! they are coming back closer to me!! . Yes, sorry, thats the little evil side of me. My dears, I'm sure you will know I don't mean it.

I always hope for the best for you guys. I know that we are stepping into different stage of life, the working stage and this doesn't affect our friendship because we are still so close and love each other! . We the ones in KL, accepted the fact that you all are away physically long time ago. We, okay more like myself quite excited that if you guys stay there for good, I get free accommodation, free tour guide service, another reason for me to travel, omg.. YOUR WEDDING ! .

Remember how we said, we have to be in each other's wedding !

We are old now =( and in maybe 7, 5 , or even 3 years time, one of you will get married first. OMG.

We haven't have a complete 6 of us in a really long time. The US one, seems unreachable.